• At Ayasha & Galeya Fashions Ltd, We are maintaining the export standard in the global industry by achieving the highest levels of production efficiency, product quality and price competitiveness.
  • A dedicated professional and passionate team, advanced production management systems as well as our application of best practices, we deliver measurable value to our customers.


  • Ayasha & Galeya Fashions Ltd, specializes in manufacturing Woven Down Jacket, Padding Jacket, Knit Fleece Jacket, Knit Interlock Jacket, Knit & Woven Trousers, Woven Dresses, Woven Shorts, Workwear, Long Pants, Denim Pants, twill Pants, Cargo Pants, overall, swimming short, jumpsuit, Shirts and Jackets.
  • We are equipped with 20 fully integrated production lines spread across 115,000 square feet of ergonomically designed production floors.
  • Bonded store space around 15,800 square feet.
  • Every steps run by a highly efficient workforce of more than 1820 employees.
  • The company has the capacity to produce Garments in between 150,000 To 450,000  thousand pieces per month. 
  • Some of the machines that Ayasha & Galeya uses to ensure quality products for sewing are from Juki, Brothers, Vibe Mac etc.
  • Ayasha & Galeya follows best manufacturing practices, and our highly skilled and experienced Industrial Engineering and Quality Assurance teams ensure that we are able to deliver quality products on a consistent basis.
  • We take pride in offering safe, friendly and comfortable work environments for our employees – all of our facilities exceed the compliance.


Ayasha & Galeya helps customers by sourcing items on their behalf from Bangladesh. The company nominates and oversees second- and third-tier vendors for clients so they don't have to contend with a plethora of local suppliers. The sourcing team offers complete logistics, quality assurance and timely dispatch of goods to our valued customers.

Sourcing Strengths

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