Compliance & Environment​

Environment & Economic Sustainability
  • Introducing machines with low-water consumption
  • Reuse of condensed steam
  • Selecting less utility consumption machine
  • Introducing Energy-Saving Lights
  • Use of Servo Motors/Inverter driven machines
  • Harvesting Rain Water
  • Solar power plant with highly efficient mono-crystalline panels.
Social Sustainability
  • Internal Auditing System
  • Auto Fire-off Ball extinguishers in addition to
  • normal fire extinguishers
  • Addressable alarm system
  • Fire Doors
Medical Facilities

A three bed mini hospital has been set up in the factory premises. one full time doctor and two nurses take care of the immediate medical needs of all employees

Day Care Children

A day care center for children with trained child care professionals

Fire Fighting

Ayasha & Galeya has equipped the factory with a high quality fire protection system. Prevention of fires and working hazards is an essential part of staff training. Hazard awareness training and the correct use of safety equipment is mandatory for all staff.

Worker Safety

Workers safety is prime concern at Ayasha & Galeya Fashions Ltd. Unlike conventional two story facility which promotes easy fast and safe evacuation in case of fire.